When choosing an enema kit for home use, it is crucial to prioritise quality above everything else. Home enemas are tools that you will be using repeatedly for an extended period of time. As the tools in an enema kit are geared towards health and wellness, it is important to do research to make sure you buy only the best enema kits that money can get. Although enema kits, even those that are used for the long term, are generally affordable, it still pays to be cautious especially when buying online.

In this article, we will share some coffee enema buying tips. If this is your first time buying a home enema kit, we suggest that you read this carefully before actually buying online. There are many online stores that sell home enema kits at cheap prices. Although enticing, many of these are defective, lack some parts, and some may not be usable at all.

Purchase from a local seller

This is a no brainer. Choose a local online seller. Buying from international suppliers is generally more expensive. It also takes a longer time for your order to arrive if shipped from an overseas location.

Buy a home enema kit from a reputable seller

Reputable online sellers are hard to come by these days. Before rushing off to purchase the first enema products that you see online, be diligent enough to do your homework. If you want to avoid problems in the future, make sure you purchase from a trusted or verified seller. Online forums and customer reviews will guide you and direct you to the seller with the most positive reviews. Never look only at the price when buying goods online. Instead, look at the positive reputation and quality of customer service provided by the supplier.

Purchase coffee beans separately from your home enema kit

You need to be more discerning when it comes to coffee beans for detox. The coffee should be certified organic and approved by the Gerson Institute. You can visit the Gerson Institute site and check out their recommendations for certified organic coffee brands that sell online. Ideally, coffee beans should also be light roast and air roasted. Light roast beans contain rich concentrations of palmitates and caffeine. For those with caffeine sensitivity, buying medium roast is best.

A complete home enema kit should contain the bucket or bag that will store the liquid solution, rubber, plastic, or silicone tubing, clamp, and nozzle. Make sure all these are included in a kit before hitting the check out button. It is not recommended to buy these parts separately.

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